Nahid’s Custom Massage

Swedish-style therapy serves as the foundation in this personalized service. This medium pressure massage is perfect for overall stress reduction and relaxation. Our therapists target problem areas and incorporate a variety of techniques designed just for you.

  • (50 min) $85
  • (80 min) $115


Deep Tissue Massage

Using slower strokes and deeper pressure, this therapeutic technique works best on targeted areas to help release chronic pain. Not recommended for first-time massage recipients or pregnant clients.

  • (50 min) $105
  • (80 min) $135


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

This treatment combines traditional massage with hot stone therapy. Emollient oils are gently applied, enabling our smooth, heated river stones to glide over the skin. The heat of the stones penetrates muscle tissue, releasing tension and inducing deep relaxation.

  • (50 min) $110
  • (80 min) $140


Pregnancy Massage

After the first trimester, this gentle massage is a wonderful way to release stress, increase blood and lymph circulation, alleviate joint pain, and create a harmonious balance for any mother-to-be. The stomach is not massaged in this service.

  • (50 min) $95



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