Party Make-Up

Party make up $ 60 +


Special occasion or bridal make up $120+



Permanent cosmetic make up :



Eyebrows are the focal points of the face. Spares brows will appear fuller with several colours added to your existing brow hair. For those that do not have brow hair, let us create the "Perfect Brow" to complement your facial features. Brow pencilmay be added to create dramatic evening effects. Sunblock hould always be worn on all procedural areas to maintain optimum colour. (Price Upon Consultation)


We can create a soft subtle lash enhancement that will make your eyes sparkle. For a dramatic look, a 'full eyeliner' will enhance your eyes. Choose colours from a soft brown to the darkest of blacks. (Price Upon Consultation)

Lip Colour

Let us create the perfect lip colour for your specific skin tones. Choose colour that will enhance your natural beautiful lips, to a more define lip line or a soft muted colour. Lipstick can be worn over your existing permanent colour to create a new look. (Price Upon Consultation)


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